The "dangerous” metrodome

So FOX 9 news here in the Twin Cities went to uncover a really hot story.  In the Metrodome there are a LOT of stairs.  One in particular tripped a woman in 1997, and she fell and broke her wrist.  Naturally, she sued and won $11,556.  So they put a bright orange stripe on it that has since become dull, and people continue to trip on it.  Its still a hazard.  The crazy investigative team spent 2 days measuring the height of all the stairs there and found 779 stairs that are 1/2 inch higher than the others.  This causes lots of people to trip because you get used to raising your foot to a certain height and then when you do, you trip b/c the stair is just a little bit higher. 

I mean I guess I appreciate their help.  I’ll remember it for when I go to the Metrodome (which will probably be never) and they spent so much time doing it as well.  No one writes to complain about it (as much as it happens) so it shouldn’t be that big a problem.  The response from the Metrodome was that their stairs are probably similar to those in both the Excel Energy Center stadium (here in downtown St. Paul) and in the Target Center (in Downtown Minneapolis).  So what did the news team do?  Yep.  They measured the stairs in both of THOSE stadiums too.  And did they find?  In both of those places there is no variation in the height of any of the stairs.  Thanks guys.  I hope this helps me plan which sporting events I’ll be going to in the future.

Oh well…at least the MN gophers are getting a brand new stadium with my tuition money so the fans won’t trip at the games.  Oh wait..I’d actually rather have to pay less than worry about tripping up some stairs…

This place is great


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