Lots to do

So the end of the semester is coming up rather quickly.  Things I have to do: 

1. Read 19 more folk tales from the Brothers Grimm, choose a topic, and write a 10 page paper on by the 13th.

2.  Go drink and have fun on…Sunday(?) the 10th, my birthday.  Hmm all of a sudden I’m not sure how well that’s gonna go.  I’m sure lots of places will be open on Sunday.  At any rate, at least I have Monday off.  This will also be the weekend I do lots of work on my paper. 

3.  Study study study.  I have a final for human evolution, on TV, intro to science and humanities (CSCL 1001…cultural studies and comp lit), science and humanities, and German folklore (final will be a written paper due by the last day of the semester (December 20th). 

4. Pack my stuff and go home.  I have a flight out of Minneapolis to Syracuse that leaves at 5:30 am.  I asked my mom NOT to book this flight but it apparently saved $100.  This means that I will most likely end up staying at a friend’s apartment who lives 2 blocks from the light rail so I can get up at 3:30 and go catch the train to the airport.  Otherwise I take a bus to the train around 1 am and hang out there for like, 4 hours.  I could I guess…there are people at Budget at that time (unless they’ve put the closing time back to 1 instead of 2…

So I feel like I’m gonna be busy, but looking at this list it doesn’t really seem all that bad.  I’ll see I guess.

Time for bed now.


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