The Move

So I moved into my new apartment on Friday. It feels good to have my very own place now. Things definitely didn’t go according to plan though. First , I arranged to borrow my roommate’s car to move all my stuff. This went fine. I dropped him off at work, picked up Kat from where she was staying and dropped her off on campus, and went back to pack. Then (9:30 am), I went to pick up the key after picking Kat up, and it didn’t work so I had to go back for a new one. This key also did not work. Then I went back a 3rd time to the office (at 11 am) to find that they were closed until 3 pm. This was a major kink. So to offset this time we both went to Ikea and Wal-Mart and did some key shopping. Did I mention I first had to unpack everything I had put in the car the first time when I had expected to bring it all in the apartment? Anyway… at Ikea I bought 2 frying pans, some floor mats and a collapsible clothes hamper. At Wal-Mart I got my futon, some towels and bedding.

After Wal-Mart it was time to come back and get the key. I went into the office and asked if they could send someone with just in case this key too did not work, to which they responded that someone was working on the place and had it open already. So I tried the door. Still locked. Finally I get back and they give me a key, and it turns out that they had copied and given me the wrong key…3 times. Yeah. So we finally manage to get into the apartment and I get another surprise. There’s no countertop or sink in the kitchen (I knew this when viewing the place, but was assured it would be in the by the time I moved in…but it wasn’t) so I had the pleasure of washing my dishes in the bathroom sink for a day. I got a new sink yesterday, which rocks because hey, everyone needs a sink. Its also pretty big and I like it.

The bathroom however, is another story. I made a tossup between the 2 apartments I liked (of the 3 I looked at in this building) and the bathroom in the first one was really gross while the range was new. The range in this one is old but the bathroom is a lot cleaner, so I chose the cleaner one. By which I mean the tub was not covered in what looked like cement. So when I take a shower now, the hot water leaks into the handle and makes the metal really hot to the touch, and the water doesn’t all make it to the shower head so I end up standing in 3 inches of water while I shower. I’ve been given a temp fix for this, but in the mean time I told the apartment manager and he’s relaying it to maintenance.

I talked to the office about my other problem, which is that the plunger in the toilet tank doesn’t seal properly and leaks, causing the toilet to constantly refill itself. This isn’t a huge problem for me (I don’t pay for water) but it is rather loud and annoying, and it does waste water. My stove also has 2 front burners that don’t work. One is missing a know so I tried it with pliers and still got nothing, and the other is very hard to turn and doesn’t do anything when I do. This things will all hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

On another note, my mom seems to get more and more incompetent.  I gave her my street address (the building number is 330) and today I call her about the tracking number (which took 10 minutes and 2 phone calls to find) of the package she sent me (way more apartment stuff than I actually needed but that could still be useful) and she reads it off to me:  no such address 3030 exists, UPS will try to correct and redeliver.  So I call UPS and give them the tracking number and they tell me that usually when they have to correct it it won’t be delivered that day.  So I say ok, fuck it.  I only didn’t do anything today because I had to be here for a package.  Now they want to redeliver it tomorrow so I have to call and say hold it til Wednesday so I can once again stay here all day and wait for them to deliver the damn thing.  This will force me to postpone things such as finding a cabinet for my bathroom and other furniture-ish things until Friday.  Yay.


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