Apartment is getting better

So I reported the following things to the office:

1.  front 2 burners on stove didn’t work (1 know was broken, the other was missing).

2.  In the bathroom, both water handles leaked and the hot water handled got too hot to touch.

3.  No sink or countertop.

4.  The toilet leaks when refilling the tank because the plunger doesn’t fit securely.  This results in 3 things:  A) The toilet is continuously refilling itself B) loud noise and C) Me having to stick my hand in really cold water for about 5 minutes to push the plunger down securly (cleverly fixed the next time by use of a long can of shaving gel).

I am happy to say that all of these things have been fixed.  The hot water handle was fixed while the cold was replaced entirely.

The place is not as messy as it was (or at least, the clutter has been shoved into corners) but its not that neat because I don’t yet have tables or cabinets to put stuff in.  I also don’t have a desk or a base to my monitor stand, which means that my monitor is laying awkwardly on its side on my futon and I can’t sit in a comfortable position and use my computer at the same time.  I’m working on a getting desk too.  And a chair.


Also I’m not quite sure on my landlord status (there are 2 names TCHR, LLC and TCHR, Eischens).  Eischens is apparently a slumlord who seems to mostly rent out houses, not apartment buildings.  He didn’t pay some bills on time and was going to have his license revoked (though it turns out that this was not his fault, the court screwed up the paper work and he didn’t get the notice in time) and many of the company’s retners, this one included, received notices saying they may have to vacate if he didn’t pay.  This has been cleared up, and that is good.

In any case, I really do like the location.  Its half a block to 3 buslines, 2 blocks to 2 others, and it takes me 10 minutes to get to school now instead of 45 and a 20 minute walk.  Its a lot more convenient for me if I want to sleep later or just plain forget something.  I can easily go back and pick it up, instead of just having to make do without.

I was planning on getting Comcast cable internet but the student discount is not available now as they are absorbing all of TIme Warner’s customers and getting them all up to date.  I’m not really sure why this effects the student discount, but in the mean time I installed this neat little card in my desktop that seems to magically give me an internet connection even though there are no wires.

Right, so that’s about how things are at the moment.  I think I’m gonna get ready for bed.


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