Flock is my new social browser.  It has a really nice rss reader, photo uploader (for photobucket and flickr) and a blog editor built into it.  I’ve been using the editor because then I don’t have to browse to the url to blog.  That normally works with the shortcut ctrl+B.  So I hit that combination (multiple times) and nothing happens.  I go to tools, blog, and nothing happens.  I even reinstalled flock and just removed and added the blog again and still it doesn’t work.  I’ll have to see if this is a flock wide problem or if its just me…

Anyway, I still think flock is worth checking out, it puts all these neat things in one place!


1 Response to “Flock=Broken”

  1. 1 Will Pate December 16, 2006 at 12:25 am

    Hmm, the shortcut should work. Would you mind submitting a feedback report so our support team can help?

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