Finals and the End of the Semester

Last day of classes was Wednesday, and I’ve got finals coming up next week.  I’ve been doing a lot of preparing.  Typing up notes and typing up more notes.  Now I have a 10 question final to write (its a take home final) and I have to read about 30 more pages for that (its for my German folklore class) and then hand it on this coming Wednesday. 

I’ve lost such track of the days since my week ended.  I screwed up 2 different things today: 1) I was looking at the wrong list for office hours of TAs for human evolution so I could go look at some old final exams.  It turns out that I was reading the lab times intead of office hours, which I missed anyway.  2) I thought there was a review session for my lab section tonight, but that was last night and I totally thought today was Thursday.  So now I’ve missed a lab review, and other people from my class have invited me to get together with them and study but since I missed the office hours I don’t have any of the questions to bring with me…d’oh!  I fail at reading, apparently.

My week is coming to a close pretty fast actually.  I plan on finishing the take home final this weekend and studying the rest of week.  I have my 2 remaining finals for CSCL on Tuesday (for intro to cultural studies and comparative lit and science and humanities) so I get to study for those, go to the review session for human evolution in between those 2 finals, and study and for the same final later that night.  I have to turn in my written final by the end of the day. 

After all that I can come back and pack, because I leave for Syracuse at 5:30 am on Thursday the 21st.  I think I’m going to end up going to the airport around midnight, because otherwise I have to leave from Geneva’s apartment at 4 am and I don’t want to wake her up or anything since she has to work.  So I will most likely be sleeping in the terminal for a while until 5:30 am comes around.  I had asked my mom to get me a 7 am flight because the buses would be running by then, but she got the 5:30 am one because it was $100 cheaper.  I’m still not very thrilled about it, since I specifically asked her for the 7:30 flight.  Bah. 


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