Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Student Organization

So that’s a long title up there, isn’t it? We’ll call it CSCL student association for short. I went to the meeting today because I have not gone to the movie showings all semester, though I will be attending tomorrow night. Its run by my friend Nicholas. Basically he wants to figure out how we can promote the club activities to get more people to show up. Our faculty adviser is worried because Nicholas and I are both graduating this year, and then there will not be anyone left if we don’t develop something.

First, we discussed the hindrance of our name. Nicholas mentioned (jokingly) it might just be shortened to “CSCL Student Ass.” I responded that maybe we should actually consider that, get a picture of a donkey, put CSCL on its side, and have that be our symbol.

Nicholas also wants to do some cross-promotion with other campus groups, because they seem to get a really great mix. One of the problems we face is that CSCL covers such a broad range of topics that its difficult to get people together for one thing. Some of the things I will be working on are creating joint activities with the Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists to show movies like Religulous, since religion is very much a part of our culture and there are bound to be people from all over interested in that. Perhaps we can get involved with some political groups by showing “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” and discuss how the republicans and conservatives came to be the way they are, and why that area of the US is specifically overrun by them.

I may also tie this in with a friend of mine who is running for office in the MN state congress. His name is Ole Hovde, and he’s a republican. I’ve had some very, very intriguing conversations with him and he is not the average republican that everyone hates. His problem is that people hear republican and automatically do not vote for him. I would like to tie him in to this to provide some contrast to what the movie shows, and also to give him some spotlight for his own campaign in 2010. This can be a 2 part series.

I also think it would be awesome if we have student-created talks once or twice a month, on any topic of their choosing. I am going to be doing one on P2P filesharing. I think I will title it “P2P: Sharing or Stealing?” its kind of all in my head at this point. The main point about this is that its something that is interesting and engaging to lots of students, because we all deal with it on a daily basis. If other students can find other things that interest them, and talk about them, people will come. On a campus of 50,000 there’s nothing that could only interest one person.

Cross-promoting is great for the CSCL because as I mentioned earlier, it covers such a wide variety of topics that we can work with many different groups throughout campus. Whatever GLBT groups are out there, african student union, AIDS groups, women’s groups and more, we study all these things.

I’m excited to get out there and start talking to people and making our group heard on campus. It promises to be fascinating.


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