Job updates

So, the job which I was applying for was an IT helpdesk position with an international company out of Denmark, called Coloplast. They were looking for someone with German language ability and a technical background to provide support for their German-speaking employees. No one in the office currently speaks German, and it was my understanding this was a problem because the European support staff in Denmark go home in the evening, and then all calls for help are transferred to the US.

However, they have apparently solved this problem because this position was filled in Denmark instead of the US, and I got a phone call on Monday saying that the position had “just gone away.” The interviewing managers were very surprised to hear this as they had no idea it was in the works. I had only to talk to the manager in Denmark, who made this decision not to hire me.

So now I am back to square one, trying to find a job. There is an international company in Minneapolis doing an on-site tour for the College of Liberal Arts which I have signed up for towards the end of the month. I also stopped on campus yesterday and went to the IT helpdesk and asked if they had any jobs open (they did, a rent-a-guru position) and I sent in my resume for that. I also visited the nurse heading up the research study that I wasn’t accepted for, and she gave me information for another place that does research studies, and I will be giving them a call tomorrow. I think the neatest thing so far is applying for NerdsOnSite. I applied and got an email back saying they are very excited about my qualifications, and I signed up for my first step meeting today. It won’t happen until March though, and I am hopeful that I can start the campus job before that (fingers crossed as I don’t have work study and I never heard back from any other campus jobs I applied for in December). I also got an email yesterday saying that my application for the Fulbright teaching assistantship in Austria was received, one day before the deadline no less, and so I really have quite a few things in the works. I was very disappointed to hear about the bad news from Coloplast, but I am still hopeful, and putting myself out there like this can only increase my odds.


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