Minneapolis is multicultural!

I got an email declaring a snow emergency. It is written in 7 languages:

Today is Saturday, Feburary 21st, 2009 and Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency.

Parking restrictions begin at 9 p.m. tonight.

Go to the City’s web site for information; or call the Snow Emergency Hotline: (612) 348-SNOW (7669).

Crews can only plow the full width of the street if cars are out of the way. Please follow Snow Emergency parking rules or your vehicle will be tagged and/or towed to the Minneapolis Impound Lot.

Be sure to shovel your sidewalks and around your garbage cart. More …

Spanish (duh)

La Ciudad de Minneapolis ha declarado una Emergencia por Nevada. Las restricciones de estacionamiento comienzan a las nueve de la noche de hoy. Llame al 673-3819.

Maybe somali:

Minneapolis waxay ku dhawaaqday gurmad baraf. Xaddidaadda dhigashada baabuurta waxay bilaabaneysaa caawa 9ka fiidnimo. Fadlan wac 612 673 2141.

I think this one is Hmong:

Lub zos Minneapolis tau txiav txim tso xov hais tias yuav muaj kev thob dau ceev. Txoj cai txwv tsis pub nres tsheb thaum muaj te los hlob heev yuav si rau thaum 9 Teev tsaus ntuj hmo no. Hu rau 612-673-2933.

No idea :

Magaalaan Minneapolis Sardama Cabbii labsee jira.

There are 2 more that are images in the email, Vietnamese and Cambodian.

I am still amazed at just how many different cultures and languages there are just in this one city.


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