Damn car!

So I was on my way to my once a month drumming circle when I realized that the stop I looked at on the schedule was few blocks down from me and it had already been there, and that I would not make it to my destination on time if I caught the next one. So I said ok, I’ll drive. I walked back, and had my first hint of a problem when I tried to unlock it with the remote and nothing happened. Then I got in and turned the key and it wouldn’t start. This is exactly what happened last time. So that time I had to pay $70 just to get it jumped and then about $130 or so for a new battery and the alternator belt.

Now I know this problem is the cold. My mom thinks I should start the car once a day and let it run for 15 minutes, but I don’t want to waste the gas just letting it sit there and warm up. I am of the belief that the car should run whenever I need it, regardless of the current weather outside. That is, after all, the entire point of having a car.

I told my mom this feeling stems from being a computer geek, as the computer is the main machine in my life and it turns on whenever I need it. My car should be much the same way. Alas, its not to be.

So now I have to wait til the weather gets warmer (will be 35 on Wednesday…) and hopefully then it will start.



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