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Mars Life

That is the title of the book I’m currently reading, by Ben Bova.

It gives a very plausible view of the future of our world, and specifically the US, after global warming melts the ice caps and the countries of the world are flooded. It also shows what could happen if people continue to believe in religion and let it get in the way of progress. Very gripping so far. I love it!


Why is it always the fishy jobs that email me back?

OK guys, gives this a read and let me know what you think. I googled GTN, and it at least seems to be a real company…

Hello Justin,

My name is LaNette, thank you for responding to this job offer.

I work for GTN, we are an advertising and marketing agency

that are hiring people to work from home. No sales or cold

calling involved. We are in need of people who can simply respond to calls

e-mails from dozens of people daily who are interested in our website

services. Our company pays bonuses weekly! Upon hiring you will receive full training and support.

This does not cost you anything to get started.

This is not one of those work from home scams that you see all over the Internet this company has been.

In business since 1999, and was currently rated #37 on the recently published list of fastest growing companies in the US by INC Magazine.

I personally have just started working for the company and am off to a great start and wonderful training.

There are many people working in this company that are making upwards of $2,000 dollars a week.

It just depends how much time and effort you put into it.

This is a great opportunity to make some extra money from home during your free time, or this could be a full time job, its up to you.

You can work when you want, where you want, you determine how much money you make.

I can almost guarantee that you will make, at the minimum an extra $1000 a month, and that’s if you only work 2 or 4 hours a day.

If you would like more information we are having group phone interviews

Monday thru Saturday at 1:00pm 6:00PM, 8:00pm CST, Please have access to a computer w/internet at the time of the interview.

In this group interview all your questions will be answered.

If you would like to attend please email me back and I will give you the information needed to Dial into the Group Interview.

I hope to hear from you soon,


No Job :(

I got a phone call from Robert Half today, the company that was recruiting me for the IT position with Coloplast.  I was told the position has gone away, because it was filled in Denmark and no longer needed in the US.  So much for having income.  Now I’m gonne about $900 short for the rest of the semester.  Might as well just cancel my car insurance I suppose, as that’s what will put me over the edge.  Damn this is so disappointing.  The only thing I have going for me is that Robert Half will still be looking for positions for me.  I also still have an app in for an internship with AXA financial over the summer, as well as my Fulbright application.  I also got a few good leads at the job fair today.

What a huge letdown though.


And one more flock update…

So as I was reading through the flock error submission page one of the things it wanted to know was all the extensions you have installed.  I realized that the blogging utility had been working with all the other extensions I installed but it stopped working after I installed the allpeers p2p extension.  I uninstalled and restarted, boom, problem gone.  The blogger utility works just like before.  I then reinstalled it to see if the same thing happened.  It did.  I think I just solved that one 😀

Thanks again Will.

Hopefully they can get it figured out so that a P2P extension can be integrated into Flock.  I personally think its a great place for such an app.

Flock Followup

While I still have not gotten the Flock blogger to work at all, I was browsing some firefox plugins today and found deepester sender, which is a blogging extension for firefox.  I was able to convert it and blog from within flock that way.  Its a quick fix I guess.

Surprsingly I got a comment from Will Pate asking me to submit my problem to the development team.  It turns out Will is also a flockstar and the community ambassador to Flock.  While I’m surprised that he actually reads my blog (wishful thinking I know) its cool that he stumbled upon it while I’m having this problem (again, probably google or something) so I’m gonna go ahead and submit it and see what happens.

Thanks Will

Finals and the End of the Semester

Last day of classes was Wednesday, and I’ve got finals coming up next week.  I’ve been doing a lot of preparing.  Typing up notes and typing up more notes.  Now I have a 10 question final to write (its a take home final) and I have to read about 30 more pages for that (its for my German folklore class) and then hand it on this coming Wednesday. 

I’ve lost such track of the days since my week ended.  I screwed up 2 different things today: 1) I was looking at the wrong list for office hours of TAs for human evolution so I could go look at some old final exams.  It turns out that I was reading the lab times intead of office hours, which I missed anyway.  2) I thought there was a review session for my lab section tonight, but that was last night and I totally thought today was Thursday.  So now I’ve missed a lab review, and other people from my class have invited me to get together with them and study but since I missed the office hours I don’t have any of the questions to bring with me…d’oh!  I fail at reading, apparently.

My week is coming to a close pretty fast actually.  I plan on finishing the take home final this weekend and studying the rest of week.  I have my 2 remaining finals for CSCL on Tuesday (for intro to cultural studies and comparative lit and science and humanities) so I get to study for those, go to the review session for human evolution in between those 2 finals, and study and for the same final later that night.  I have to turn in my written final by the end of the day. 

After all that I can come back and pack, because I leave for Syracuse at 5:30 am on Thursday the 21st.  I think I’m going to end up going to the airport around midnight, because otherwise I have to leave from Geneva’s apartment at 4 am and I don’t want to wake her up or anything since she has to work.  So I will most likely be sleeping in the terminal for a while until 5:30 am comes around.  I had asked my mom to get me a 7 am flight because the buses would be running by then, but she got the 5:30 am one because it was $100 cheaper.  I’m still not very thrilled about it, since I specifically asked her for the 7:30 flight.  Bah. 


Flock is my new social browser.  It has a really nice rss reader, photo uploader (for photobucket and flickr) and a blog editor built into it.  I’ve been using the editor because then I don’t have to browse to the url to blog.  That normally works with the shortcut ctrl+B.  So I hit that combination (multiple times) and nothing happens.  I go to tools, blog, and nothing happens.  I even reinstalled flock and just removed and added the blog again and still it doesn’t work.  I’ll have to see if this is a flock wide problem or if its just me…

Anyway, I still think flock is worth checking out, it puts all these neat things in one place!